shower-thoughts[0]: Information audience, WASM AI

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“little things matter”

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If you want to rage quit reading this, just skip to conclusions as it might clear things up.

Also this post might not be understandable for some, more on that in information audience.

🔖 Information Audience

I started to notice that quotes like “little things matter” that you hear all the time only start to make sense once you grow older.

Also, reading books only makes sense once you grow older.

But some books are written for children and some movies are preferred mostly by women for example and math papers are only good for nerds.

So it makes sense that books and other sources of information should have a defined audience (can be represented as tags but nvm). Using audience will help people find what they really need.

Examples are:

  • age
  • gender
  • ethnicity
  • language
  • and so on

Audience definition is a list of tags (with values) that should guide users towards information they need but not restrict access to information that doesn’t match the user’s audience.

💡 Think a search engine combined with a “context”: your audience including your base profile and some parameters you can tweak say when you are feeling philosophical.

👩‍🏫 Education

Also this ties into how education should work.

🔥🔥🔥 You shouldn’t restrict kids from playing with matches for example.

You should allow them to do it but after a good explanation of the topic. You shouldn’t also just say if you want to burn the house down with the family inside - go on play with matches. Instead you should show what kind of conditions need to be met for playing with matches to be safe.

So basically if there are stuff that can be dangerous or otherwise requires some prerequisites it should also have an audience.

And to become a part of that audience you will need to have some education on the topic.

🤯 Essence of Human Existence

The concept of information audiences is very important for people.

As human is basically an information processor that happens to have interfaces for interaction with the world (can probably be reworded a bit nicely).

No really, if you think about it, improvements in information processing for humans (aka digesting) should be the priority of researchers.

Schools should really be teaching how to learn, not what to learn.

And information processing is happening all the time, in real time, in contrast to emerging AI platforms where you just have a prompt and the model is pre-trained


Information processing and acting using provided interfaces given a limited amount of memory does sound very familiar.

This is what WASM basically is.

Thus it would be nice to experiment with creating a realtime AI system in wasm.

It doesn’t have to be complex, it can have the hard coded if-else logic but the idea is very interesting.

💡Think local specialized AIs jarvis like (the one from iron man).

🐸 Conclusion

This shower thoughts shouldn’t have any conclusions really, and should be treated just as a collection of topic starters.

If you think my points are cringe, judge me, I don’t care. I’ll probably laugh on this myself in a couple of years (or maybe not, reading my dev-logs was surprisingly refreshing).

This is basically something in-between a blog post and a dairy.

Also some of the paragraphs here might be losing a train of thought as I was appending stuff in the middle, rearranging and what-not. I don’t think that spending too much effort on shower thoughts makes sense.

Next parts of shower thoughts would probably not contain conclusions, if I won't ditch the idea of shower thought at all.

In other ones I’ll probably just insert something like "ending on the cringe note". As it happens on meetings with inexperienced leeds.

Anyways, *ended on the cringe note*